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Msg91 is the market leader in providing Bulk SMS services across the Globe. We not only provide SMS marketing solutions but also develop tools for your convenience so that you can create your own compatible Software as per your business needs.

Third Panel Services

We believe in building great associations internationally, so to enjoy our association you first need to understand what platforms we provide for you to become partners in business with our world class products. We provide facilities to business owners to become third party contributors on contractual basis with us. We paved three ways in UK for you to reach there.

Partner Program

Using Msg91 as the service provider company name, you can partner with us and distribute/sell Bulk SMS Solutions in particular business areas. We will be providing you great deals and you just have to sell it under certain level of authority/right provided by us. Build a relationship with us with mutual dealing and cooperation to share the responsibility of achieving goals in Bulk SMS Market.

Admin Panel Rental Program

The basic idea behind this rental program is that you can use the benefits of our admin panel under your company name. You can enjoy various tools we provide to perform tasks like managing clients, managing route, track reports, check track route and also develop security software accordingly.

SMPP for an Account

We provide the best possible services when it comes to configure SMPP account in your system. Get your SMPP from anywhere; we will configure it for you so that you can use your chosen SMPP connection or gateway on the same SMS panel or interface.

Why is it needed?

In case you don't like the panel provided to you by your SMS Service Provider, you can use our user friendly interface because of its being easy and unique.

What We Need?

All we need is just your SMPP connection details and there you go! We will make your working easy by configuring it according to your management needs.


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