User Interface for SMPP account in United Kingdom

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SMPP to a Account -

We will configure any SMPP account from any one in your account. By this you can use any SMPP connection or gateway in the same sms panel or Interface.

Why Needed:-

You found some very good sms service provider in terms of quality but you don't like the panel provided by them and at the same time you want to use our User friendly panel.

What we need:-

You may buy SMPP account from any SMPP provider in United Kingdom. We need your SMPP connection details and we will configure that SMPP in our User friendly sms panel.

Benefits of SMPP Account

  • Your resellers/users will never come to know about your SMS service provider.
  • You can easily and freely change operators at any number of times as you won't need to switch SMS panel.
  • Managing Sender IDs has been made quick and easy.
  • To attain maximum reach and larger capacity use SMPP account to connect directly to service provider/mobile operator.
  • Integrate our White Label SMPP panel with your website directly, for that you don't require any software or hardware.
  • You can provide your own developer API.

It will work wonders for you if you get a more feasible SMS sending solution with the ease of managing other functionalities. This will give you more power over your system.

IF you have higher quantity and require more control on sending sms, you may try our Admin Panel on SaaS. It not only provides greater feasibility of sending sms solutions but also an ease of managing other functionalities.


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